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Develop your business into the booming French market with Time2scale, the Plug & Play of startup growth.

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French customers are hungry for new innovative products, like President Macron.

The perfect European Market Entry

France is the tech hub in Europe with great entry point to French Tech Next40 / 120

The right infrastructure for you

Between accelerators and funding, France is propice for a smooth development transition

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Our areas of intervention for start-ups / scale-ups

Local Talent Acquisition

We recruit the right profiles for your business: HR, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing, choosing from +600 profiles.

Supercharge your funding

Time2scale work with public and private banks, VCs, and Angel Investors to help with your next fundraising round.

Tools to scale 10X faster

We provide with the right support you need to launch your business in France and in Europe. We partner with coworking spaces, local press and accelerators to boost your presence in the territory.

We innovate for the good of the Planet too

We engage with products that disrupt businesses and supply chains with a close look into the positive impact of our common planet. #nocompromise

We are flexible, so our model

Our model have proven to be very effective for scale-ups with a guarantee of success, upon your first months.

Success stories

90% of our clients extend the initial mission 😃



Scale up / e-commerce I 600 employees I Série E / €311M I Investors: BPI, Algae Venture, Eurazeo, Temasek Holding

Mission : TAM RPO (6 months)

✅ Provision of 4 TAM RPO: 3 Tech recruiter (2 TAM + 1 sourcer) + 1 TAM on the Business part
✅ Support for existing teams to execute a massive recruitment plan of 350 people after a record year in 2020



Startup / Marketplace of photography I Serie A I Investors: Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Evolem Start

Mission : TAM RPO (Ongoing since January 2021)

✅ Provision of 2 TAM RPO (2 Tech recruiter)
✅ Structuring of the recruitment department, training of existing teams then execution of the recruitment plan

The objective is to achieve more than 20 open positions in the Tech and Product parts mainly and reinforcement in the Business Development part.



Scale-up / Car sharing I 100 employees in France et 600 employees in the world I Série E / $568M I Investors : Menlo, Softbank, SOSV, ...

Mission : TAM RPO (4 months)

✅ Provision of 2 TAMs
✅ 20 recruitments made on Tech / Product / Marketing / Customer Support profiles



Scale-up / SaaS I 100 employees in France and more than 500 employees in Europe I Série C / €220M I Investors : Accel, Index Venture, Creandum,...

Mission : TAM RPO & structuration of People (13 months)

✅ Provision of 2 TAM RPO (5 months)
✅ Structuring and execution of the recruitment plan in the face of the very strong growth linked to the COVID-19
✅ 20 recruitments made in C-Level, Data, Dev and Marketing positions
✅ Provision of a transitional HR (8 months)
✅ Structuring and operational management of HR



Start-up / Agrotech I <10 employees in France I Seed < €1M

Mission : TAM RPO (3 months)

✅ Provision of a part-time TAM
✅ Time2scale intervened for the creation from scratch of the marketplace and the structuring of the teams (Tech, Product and Operations)



Start-up / Healthtech I 40 employees in France I Seed / €4M I Investors: Xange, Serena, Karista

Mission : TAM RPO (12 months)

✅ Provision of TAM RPO over the last 2 years
✅ Structuring of the recruitment department and carrying out recruitments in positions such as Data Engineer, Devops, Product Owner, Dev Full-stack, ...

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