A team of entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs.

We believe that the success of a project depends on a good team at the right time to activate the levers of growth.

Alexandre Sumar

co-founder & CEO

Philippe Deljurie

co-founder & advisor

Frank Morcant

Investor & advisor

Who we are ?

We have assembled a team of people whose main motivation is to bring concrete results to our customers. We like to understand our clients' business models, their challenges, and help them realize them as quickly as possible.

Today we bring to our clients what we wish we could have found in our previous entrepreneurial adventures: the right skill, at the right time, just the right time, with a commitment to costs and results.

+40 start-ups / scale-ups that Time2scale has supported 🌟

Our principles

Speed. Expertise. Flexibility. Guarantee of success

Stay focused on your work, we'll take care of the rest

90% of our clients extend the initial mission 😃



Scale up / e-commerce I 600 employees I Série E / €311M I Investors: BPI, Algae Venture, Eurazeo, Temasek Holding

Mission : TAM RPO (6 months)

✅ Provision of 4 TAM RPO: 3 Tech recruiter (2 TAM + 1 sourcer) + 1 TAM on the Business part
✅ Support for existing teams to execute a massive recruitment plan of 350 people after a record year in 2020



Startup / Marketplace of photography I Serie A I Investors: Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Evolem Start

Mission : TAM RPO (Ongoing since January 2021)

✅ Provision of 2 TAM RPO (2 Tech recruiter)
✅ Structuring of the recruitment department, training of existing teams then execution of the recruitment plan

The objective is to achieve more than 20 open positions in the Tech and Product parts mainly and reinforcement in the Business Development part.



Scale-up / Car sharing I 100 employees in France et 600 employees in the world I Série E / $568M I Investors : Menlo, Softbank, SOSV, ...

Mission : TAM RPO (4 months)

✅ Provision of 2 TAMs
✅ 20 recruitments made on Tech / Product / Marketing / Customer Support profiles



Scale-up / SaaS I 100 employees in France and more than 500 employees in Europe I Série C / €220M I Investors : Accel, Index Venture, Creandum,...

Mission : TAM RPO et structuration People (13 months)

✅ Provision of 2 TAM RPO (5 months)
✅ Structuring and execution of the recruitment plan in the face of the very strong growth linked to the Covid
✅ 20 recruitments made in C-Level, Data, Dev and Marketing positions
✅ Provision of a transitional HR (8 months)
✅ Structuring and operational management of HR



Start-up / Agrotech I <10 employees in France I Seed < €1M

Mission : TAM RPO (3 months)

✅ Provision of a part-time TAM
✅ Time2scale intervened for the creation from scratch of the marketplace and the structuring of the teams (Tech, Product and Operations)



Start-up / Healthtech I 40 employees in France I Seed / €4M I Investors: Xange, Serena, Karista

Mission : TAM RPO (12 months)

✅ Provision of TAM RPO over the last 2 years
✅ Structuring of the recruitment department and carrying out recruitments in positions such as Data Engineer, Devops, Product Owner, Dev Full-stack, ...